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My love of Martial Arts started in 1987.

As a child I was lucky enough to attend all sorts of clubs and classes which included Brownies, Girl Guides and all forms of dance.

During a difficult time when starting secondary school, my parents thought it would be a good idea to learn to protect myself by joining a Martial Arts club nearby. This is where I first met Anthony.

Within weeks I was adamant that ballet was out and that Kung Fu, Karate and Kickboxing were in. I began training at every opportunity and gained the confidence to start competing in various tournaments picking up many trophies and national titles along the way. 

Without realising, I had learned so much more than self defence. I had gained confidence and the feeling of belonging somewhere. I had learnt about commitment and resilience all of which helped prepare me for adult life. 

Life then took over and I had a very long break from training. Marriage, having and raising a family and juggling work and home all took priority and I did no exercise whatsoever. After back problems and surgery I thought I would never be able to train again but after my 25 year break I decided to get back to it.

With determination and the support of Anthony and his team, I soon found myself in much better shape and mentally in a really good place. We worked with and around my physical limitations and within a short time my aches and pains eased, my core strength improved and I was able to get back to the thing I love most.


With what has been hard work and regular training, I am now in the position to pass on the benefits of Martial Arts to others at Nexus and help them to achieve their goals too. 

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