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  • We reserve the right to refuse admission into Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness classes. 

  • The Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness timetable is subject to change.

  • Nexus reserves the right to modify the assigned instructors for classes as necessary.

  • Nexus Martial Arts official uniform must be worn when attending Martial Arts classes.

  • Full payment is due prior to ordering any clothing or equipment.

  • Sparring safety equipment is to be brought to every training session.

  • All sparring equipment must be purchased through Nexus Martial Arts.

  • Students will be required to have a full set of sparring equipment within six months of commencing training.

  • By attending Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness classes you agree to the following:

    • “Upon signing the Nexus Martial Arts Membership Application form or Fitness PARQ, I understand that any training programme is undertaken entirely at my own risk. I accept that Marital Arts is a contact sport and that participation could involve the risk of serious or fatal injury. I shall not hold Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness, its Instructors or Officers responsible for any injury I may sustain”

Personal Information, Photographic & Video Consent:

  • Upon completion of a Nexus Martial Arts Membership Application form or Fitness PARQ, you hereby give permission for Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness to contact you via the phone numbers and/or email address provided.

  • Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness may take photographs or video footage of the classes for use on promotional material or our website. Any photographs or video footage taken of the classes will only be used by Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness and will not be shared with any third party. If any members would prefer not to be photographed/filmed, they must notify Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness via email

  • To comply with our Child Safeguarding Policy, no photography or filming of Nexus classes is permitted by anyone other than a Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness Instructor or other appointed person.


Martial Arts, Fitness & Personal Training Fees:

  • Nexus Martial Arts lesson fees are payable monthly on the first of the month (other payment options are also available at discounted rates).

  • Nexus Martial Arts lesson fees are due each and every month, including any holidays, regardless of the level of attendance.

  • Nexus Martial Arts monthly payments are payable in GBP by direct debit only. All other Nexus programmes are payable in GBP by bank transfer or credit / debit card.

  • Fees and operating hours at Nexus are calculated over 50 weeks a year, typically closing for 1 week at Christmas and 1 week at the discretion of the Centre Management.

  • Missed Martial Arts lessons may be taken at a later date within a suitable time frame at the discretion of the class Instructor.

  • Nexus Fitness session payments can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or credit / debit card.

  • Personal Training session payments can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or credit / debit card. All sessions are payable in advance and all sales are non-refundable. 24 hours notice of a cancellation is required otherwise the full session fee will be payable.

  • All monies are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • All special offers and discounts will only be applicable for the specified offer period, after which time normal fees will apply.

  • Any bank charges incurred by Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness, due to missed payments, will be payable by the member.

Martial Arts Licences:

  • Martial Arts Licences are included in the initial joining fee and must be renewed annually.

  • All Students must hold a current Nexus Martial Arts licence. Students will not be permitted to train without a valid licence.

  • Costs incurred for replacing lost licences will be covered by the Student.

  • Annual licence renewal reminders will be issued by Nexus Martial Arts but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure their licence is renewed on time.

Martial Arts Grading Examinations:

  • Grading Examination payments can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer or credit / debit card and must be received by us no later than one week prior to the examination day.

  • All monies are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Payments and Attendance:


  • Membership at Nexus is secured by the payment of a monthly direct debit. There are no contracts so your membership arrangements can be amended at any time at your request, for reasons such as membership level change, bank detail changes or date of payment changes.

  • Members must book all sessions in advance and if they can't attend a session, it must be cancelled. Regular attendance is necessary in order to be considered for grading selection. 

  • Participation in the 'Invite Only' Martial Arts sessions is at the discretion of the Class Instructor and is dependent on the Student reaching the required standard.

  • Nexus are committed to offering a quality service at reasonable and competitive prices. However, should it become necessary to amend membership structures and/or prices, we will inform you in writing, giving you reasonable notice. We will not change any payments without prior notification.


Suspension / Cancellation of Training


  • Membership suspension at Nexus is only permitted for up to 3 months for medical reasons and requests for membership payment suspensions must be accompanied with a medical note or other evidence. Memberships will not be paused for holidays or other such absences. Any members who cancel their direct debit without first notifying us, will be required to pay a £25 administration and rejoining fee in order to continue with their training. By cancelling payments, members are effectively cancelling their membership. 

  • We are a busy club and places are in high demand. By continuing payment throughout any short term absences you are securing a place at the club. Members are more than welcome to make up any missed sessions by attending additional sessions when available to take full advantage of their subscription. 

  • Nexus reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time. Members who pay but do not attend for 3 months and have not been in contact with the club will automatically have their membership suspended and payments cancelled. No refunds will be authorised as payments made have been securing a place at the club. There will be a £25 administration and rejoining fee should they wish to restart training, assuming there is a place available in their chosen class.

  • Please note for insurance purposes we need to be fully aware of the number of students we have training, so it is very important that you advise the club if you decide to suspend or cancel your training. If you wish to cancel your membership, you should do so in writing, providing 30 days notice, using the form that can be supplied by your club Instructor. Note that no refunds can be made for any missed classes prior to the date of cancellation. 

  • Any member cancelling their membership will need to attend an exit meeting in person with Nexus Martial Arts.

  • If you have any concerns about, or would like to make any amendments to a membership, training or payments, then please do speak to a member of our team before making any alterations with your own bank, as this can cause issues with future payments and may result in the accidental cancellation of membership.


  • The use of this website is subject to the following terms:

    • The content of this website is for information only; it is subject to change without prior notification.

    • The material contained within this website is owned by or licenced to Nexus Martial Arts, this includes but is not limited to Photos, Logos, Graphics, Design, Layout, reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice.


Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness requires all students to follow these guidelines to ensure training is safe, fun and enjoyable.

  • Arrive on time for your lessons. If you are late, do not join the lesson until you have spoken to your Instructor.

  • Bow when entering and leaving the Studio and when addressing an Instructor.

  • Always wear the correct uniform (cleaned and ironed).

  • Turn off all mobile phones and other electronic devices during the lesson.

  • Wear clean trainers or train barefoot. Outdoor shoes are not permitted on the mats.

  • Notify your Instructor of any injury or illness prior to any lesson commencing.

  • Keep finger and toe nails short and clean.

  • Ask an Instructor before taking a drink break or leaving the Studio during a lesson.

  • Ensure medication for conditions such as diabetes or asthma is brought with you to all lessons.

  • Ensure your licence is up to date. You will be liable for any loss or damage caused to persons or property if it is not.

  • All children attending our Kids classes must be escorted into and collected from the premises by an authorised adult.

  • No chewing gum or eating whilst training. Try to eat any main meals at least two hours before training.

  • Remove all items of jewellery including piercings and watches etc. prior to training.

  • Neatly put away your kit in the area provided.

  • Never train under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any medicines that may endanger you or another student. We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs.

  • Bullying at any level will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour must be reported to an Instructor immediately.

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