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Massage can either stimulate or relax depending on the type of massage and the techniques used. A vigorous, stimulating massage can revitalise and boost energy levels whereas a lighter, relaxing massage soothes and calms. 

Sports massage is more suited to active sports people as well as those who prefer a deeper massage. Sports massage is usually specific to a certain problem area and of a shorter duration than a relaxing massage.

There are many physical, physiological and psychological benefits associated with both Massage and Sports Massage, these include:

  1. Improving circulation, dilating the blood vessels and relieving congestion.

  2. Stimulating the brain to release natural painkillers.

  3. Increasing blood supply and nutrition to the muscles relaxing them and relieving tension.

  4. Releasing and boosting energy flow by relaxing muscles spasms and tensions.

  5. Stimulating the skin and nervous system while at the same time relaxing the nerves themselves and boosting the immune system, helping the body take care of itself.

  6. Reducing inflammation and swelling in joints by hastening elimination of harmful deposits.

  7. Soothing, calming and helping reduce emotional and physical stress as well as improving sleep patterns. It is an asset in any stress management programme.

  8. Improving the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness.

  9. Stretching connective tissue, helping to break down and prevent the formation of adhesions.

  10. Helping improve range of movement.

  11. Relieving many repetitive motion injuries related to on-the-job activities.

  12. Boosting physical performance.


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