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As a Senior Instructor at Nexus, I am responsible for the day to day running of the Studio. I teach and train at different classes throughout the week and in my teaching I use my experience from competing both Nationally and Internationally, and from representing Britain at the IAKSA World Championships.


I have trained with Anthony for over twenty-five years and during this time, I have achieved a 4th Degree Black Sash in Kung Fu and a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing.

I appreciate that people find their path into Fitness and Martial Arts in many different ways, growing up I was not particularly sporty and the only activity I regularly participated in was horse riding. It was only at the age of seventeen when I wanted to try something new, as well as learn self-defence, that I started Kung Fu and Kickboxing classes. I found them an excellent and enjoyable way to improve my fitness, flexibility and coordination, as well as learning to defend myself. Now it is a way of life which I would not be without.

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