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Nothing beats feeling fit and healthy and we want you to have this feeling for yourself! Our Fitness classes are at various times of the day, throughout the course of the week. Find a time that suits you and come along for a visit. We have both male and female Instructors who specialise in Personal Training, Circuit Training, Group Exercise sessions, Pad-work Fitness and Strength and Flexibility training.


Everyone takes the sessions at their own pace and there’s no pressure to do more than you are comfortable with. With our encouragement, you will have a rewarding training experience and the positive class vibe and fun team spirit will ensure you do your very best! Fitness encompasses a range of different elements and we’re here to make sure you benefit in a way which enhances your body, mind and your day to day life.


Circuit training is a form of body conditioning incorporating resistance training and high-intensity activity. It is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength, muscular endurance and stamina. At Nexus, we offer circuit training classes incorporating cardiovascular fitness, strength training, running, pad-work and punching.


Exercises in circuit training are usually short in duration and it’s amazing to find how far you can push yourself when guided in the right way.


Pad-work fitness is non-contact Kickboxing training for students who are interested in learning Kickboxing without grading or competing. Pad-work is an excellent way to develop kicking and punching techniques, a fantastic way to improve fitness and a brilliant way to relieve stress. 

These sessions incorporate:

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Strength training

  • Flexibility training

  • Punch bag and pad-work

  • Punching and kicking techniques

  • Skipping

  • Circuit training exercises

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