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What ages do you teach?

You can become a member from age 3.


What shall I wear?

For your first few lessons just come in a comfy tracksuit or jogging bottoms and a T-shirt or hoodie. We ask that you either wear indoor trainers or train barefoot on the mats.


What do I need to bring?

A drink (water or a still sports drink) and a towel.


Do I need to be fit to start Martial Arts?

Whatever your current fitness level, there's a place for you! Your Instructor tailors your first few lessons to suit your level of fitness and adapts these as your fitness and flexibility increase.

If you have not undertaken fitness training for an extended period of time, we recommend you consult your doctor before commencing sessions with us.

What are lessons like?

Lessons incorporate a work out, stretching, pad work, technical drills and self-defence and lesson content varies from week to week. Sparring is available at most classes for those who wish to fight (after a probationary period).

What level are the classes?

We welcome all levels and abilities and personalise our classes to suit each individual’s needs. We are happy to advise you on which class may suit you best for your first visit so please contact us to find out more. Whatever your previous experience we can assure you there will be plenty of opportunities to build your existing fitness and skill levels. 


What other Martial Arts activities can I be involved in at Nexus?

We hold regular grades, technical courses, and squad training sessions and we would love for you to join us at these events.

We attend major tournaments on a monthly basis as well as International competitions throughout the year and we are always looking to expand our fight team.


Our popular 'Fun Holiday Training Days’ are for children to come and focus their energy into Martial Arts and Fitness training during the school holidays. We provide your children with a chance to spend time with their peers in a constructive, fun and action packed training day!


At the Nexus Christmas Party we celebrate our year’s progress and enjoy great food along with the company of great people!


When do I need equipment and uniform?

Your equipment and uniform will be purchased from Nexus and your Instructor will discuss with you what is required and when.

When can I take grades?

Grades are held three times a year and our students know when they are ready to grade because we discuss with you prior to grading whether you have reached the required standard for that grade.

With regular training, attendance at the relevant courses, following advice and making every best effort at each opportunity, grading is a natural progression of your Martial Arts journey.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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